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Hey There

I'm Tami. 

Most days you can find me somewhere in the sun or cuddled up on my couch. I am mostly known for helping women level up their health & confidence.  People often refer to me as the simple Health & Beauty gal.  I love serving the world by spreading simple ways to be healthier in multiple aspects of life.  The things I am most passionate about in life are health and helping others to live a simple healthy and fulfilled life

All About Me

I work with a healthy beauty brand to serve people who yearn for healthy & effective products. I am lucky to show them that you can not only have healthier products but also get a boost of confidence that comes from healthy and thriving hair and skin

Through this same brand I also teach women who are yearning for more in their life how to create extra income, community, purpose, and fulfillment right from their home.  I am blessed to be able to give them the tools and show them its ok to dream bigger and help them see that they were made for more.


 We have been featured & applauded in multiple articles and spotlighted as the #1 premium haircare brand in the world, multiple times named brand of the year, and in the top 20 companies in our profession (in under 8 years!)

When I’m not busy working my business and helping others you can catch me:

• Hiking the Mountains

• Snuggled with the hubby and dogs for a good movie night 

• Getting a sweaty workout done

• Or meeting up/traveling with my besties (aka my business partners)


If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

1. I am a sugar-aholic (yes, i love me some chewy candy)

2. I am an animal lover, and if you follow me on social you have probably already met my pups

3.  I used to compete in bikini bodybuilding (yes I posed on stage with a spray tan, bikini & heels)

4.  I live for sunny days and time spent in nature (not a city girl)

5. I met my husband in high school (he was my bestie - with benefits.... lol)


Still here? Let’s connect!

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